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Andrew Moss

Right-hand Bat

Right Arm Off-Spin

Debut: 21.05.1977

House: School

At LP: 1959-1962

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Batting head-gear


Fielding head-gear



What are your three favourite films?

1 - Mickey's birthday party
2 - Mickey down under
3 - Mickey's Follies


What is your desert island book?

OLCC Chronicles

What is your desert island luxury item?

A bike


Please provide your eight desert island discs:

1 - I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna be
2 - Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye
3 - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
4 - Memories Are Made of This
5 - When I'm 64
6 - Some Enchanted Evening
7 - The Drinking [ the fixture back ] Song
8 - We'll meet again


Beer or Wine: Beer
Tea or Coffee: Tea
Wet Shave or Dry Shave: Wet
Pietersen or Boycott: Pietersen

Warne or Murali: Warne

WG Grace or Bradman: WG

Andrew "Mickey" Moss is one of the original members from the very first game in May 1977 when he scored the club's first recorded 50 and then disappeared for most of that first season. In fact it was necessary to present him with a diary at the dinner that year to get him to sort out his priorities and play for the club on a more regular basis. It certainly had the right effect as he has since played in excess of 300 games and is the club's leading run scorer by a very long way!


Andrew has long been known as "The Senior Professional" not only for his achievements on the field but also for the famous 'Mickey Lectures' which he regularly delivers to batsmen at the other end between overs. As he has been at the crease far longer than any other member throughout the years, there have been many of these lectures delivered and very few members have escaped them.

Mickey takes his cricket very seriously and despite his adopted name he has no time for Mickey Mouse cricket and he is quick to differentiate between 'jovial' cricket as played by this club, and 'joke' cricket. It was therefore surprising that he once drew lots to organise the batting order but this experiment was not to be repeated. He has two important rules on the subject of drinking and where it belongs in cricket: Never drink before or during a game, but always drink with the opposition in the pub after the game in order to "drink the fixture back the following year". Even when visiting famous towns or cities on tours, the cricket is paramount to Mickey and if the team does not perform this can ruin his whole tour, as was demonstrated on the Paris Metro in 1988. We were taking in the sights of this famous city and Mickey was asked "Enjoying the tour ?" "No," replied Mickey. "Why ever not ?" "Because yesterday we played like a bunch of merchant bankers".

It was back in 1989 when the name "Mickey" was first adopted when Andrew surprisingly found himself behind the stumps at Fonthill Bishop and he had mixed success. As a result of a few fumbles and his already reported dislike of Mickey Mouse cricket, the first slip said "Oh Mickey Mouse Mickey Moss". And there the name has stuck and so Mickey and Minnie Moss have become part of the furniture in OLCC history.

It was some seven years earlier in 1982 that Andrew's drinking experiments on the first West Country Tour resulted in the annual institution of the Tour Joker award. He decided to mix pints of beer with a nice bottle of wine with the result that the next morning at the AGM he said "I feel awful" and spent lunchtime asleep on the village green using the club's flag as a pillow, awakened and went out to score another 50 in the afternoon.

In addition to his skills on the field, which long included the club's then record score of 167, Mickey introduced the club to the Old Leightonian Chronicles which he wrote for 20 years from his first publication in 1983 through to 2002. He was assisted by Minnie who produced the illustrations throughout this time. In addition he is a very accomplished public speaker and he has entertained us at several dinners which have included his stories and jokes, the one about "The Wide Mouthed Frog" probably the most memorable.

Andrew William Moss has been an institution to this club right from our foundation year and 40+ years later is still giving us his support and vast knowledge of the game. This phenomenal contribution was acknowledged in 2003 at his 60th Birthday match, when Andrew was awarded the prestigious title of Life Vice President, an accolade only presented to two others in the club's history. 



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