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Dayalan Doraisamy

Right-Hand Bat 

Right-Arm Leg-Spin

Debut: 18.05.1986 

House: School

At LP: 1979-1985 

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Batting head-gear


Fielding head-gear



Favourite Graham Carter nick-name



Beer or Wine: Wine
Tea or Coffee: Coffee
Wet Shave or Dry Shave: Wet

Pietersen or Boycott: Neither 

Warne or Murali: Warne

WG Grace or Bradman: Bradman

And what are your three things to go into Room 101?

1 - Baseball Style Cricket Gear 
2 - Whaling Ships 
3 - Poachers

Schoolboy prodigy turned OLCC regular. Dayalan "Dilly" Doraisamy is a very versatile cricketer, except when fielding. A very steady batsman who has momentary lapses of aggression. Favourite shots: the square cut and the pick up shot over mid-on which is often launched when everyone is least expecting it. It's fun to watch Dilly batting, particular when his partner is Tom Carter. They were together for the Club's 5th highest partnership of 189 against Incogniti in 2005.

His bowling at school was quite quick and finger threatening. He still bowls seam up on occasion but more often bowls well controlled leg-spin.

Over a week-end in the Loire Valley he dropped the easiest dolly in OLCC history, and later on took the most blinding slip catch (in OLCC history), high to his left. Unfortunately the batsman pretended he hadn't nicked it and the umpire was non-committal. 



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