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Tom Scrase

Right-hand Bat

Right-Arm Wrist-Spin

Debut: 05.06.1977

House: Grove

At LP: 1972-1977

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Batting head-gear


Fielding head-gear

Sun Hat


Favourite Graham Carter nick-name


Favourite OLCC Brothers

The Berridges


What are your three favourite films?

1 - Ida

2 - The Seventh Seal

3 - Wanda


What is your desert island book?

Art and Science of Cricket

What is your desert island luxury item?

A yacht


Please provide your eight desert island discs:

1 - Air on G string

2 - The lark Ascending

3 - Albatross

4 - Sailing

5 - Soul Limbo

6 - Shelter from the Storm

7 - Ave Maria

8 - Ying tong song


Beer or Wine: Both
Tea or Coffee: Coffee
Wet Shave or Dry Shave: Dry

Morning or Night: Morning
City or Countryside: Countryside

Messi or Ronaldo: Messi
Pietersen or Boycott: Boycott (better commentator)

West Indies 80’s or Australia 90’s: West Indies 80's

Warne or Murali: Warne

WG Grace or Bradman: Bradman

Favourite ever umpire: John Dykes

And what are your three things to go into Room 101?

1 - Dobbers

2 - Built in obsolescence

3 - McDonalds

A pragmatic and stylish batsman who delights in the technicalities of the game. Resolute in defence, and elegant when he unleashes his cover drive.

He is an OLCC oxymoron in that he is an OL and a reliable wrist-spinner, although he would modestly explain that his leg-spinner now occasionally, involuntarily, becomes a top-spinner that he has trouble controlling. Something like that. You'll have to get him to demonstrate it to you himself. His best bowling figures were achieved in the modern club's 1st year.

Still very spritely in the field; when practicing with his sons before the game it can be hard to tell which is from the older generation.



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